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The Pony Cone

Dear Diary,


I figured out yet another party DIY idea for my sister’s birthday! Since I love to cook/bake, but a cake will already be provided, I decided to make a snack to bring for everyone! That will come later, though. What I want to share with you is the item I made that will HOLD the snack!! ┬áThese are extremely easy to put together (and cut for that matter!). All I needed was my paper, ink, scissors, and a stapler! I guess I could use tape too but the stapler was my easiest option. ;) Look at how these My Little Pony cones came out!

ponycone1 ponycone2 ponycone3


So excited to think of all of the things I could put in these. Alas, I already have plans. ;) My printer was conking out on the purple ink towards the end but it gave one of the cones a pink/purple combo color which is actually really cool! The pattern is very basic – just click to enlarge and then save/print. They fit on the standard 8.5×11 paper! Just cut, roll, and secure!

applejackcone fluttershycone pinkiepiecone rainbowdashcone raritycone twilightcone


*My Little Pony is copyright Hasbro – these are just for fun/parties! ;) *

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