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Sweet Potato Mash Recipe

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Dear Diary,


This year has felt pretty chilly in the Summer here in New England. I remember being very roasty last year well into September! I went to the drive-in movies last night as an effort to make sure I thoroughly enjoyed my Summer but as the second movie of the double feature rolled around I was seeing my breath whenever I breathed. I am getting chills just thinking about it! At least the chilly air has no negative effects on my cooking. ;) Speaking of cooking (you totally knew I was building up to this!), I have a quick and easy side dish recipe I’d like to share. I’m sure there are tons of recipes out there for sweet potato mash but this is how I do it every time.






Sweet Potato Mash

Serves 1-2


  • 1 Medium/Large Sweet Potato
  • 2 TBSP Almond Milk + more if needed
  • 1 TBSP Dairy-Free Butter (Earth Balance is GREAT)
  • Salt + Pepper for taste

Heat water in a medium pot to a boil. While water is boiling, peel the sweet potato and cut into 1 inch chunks. Place the potato chunks into the boiling water and boil uncovered for 10-15 minutes (or until potatoes feel tender when poked with a fork). Drain potatoes and place into a medium mixing bowl. Add the butter and milk and mash well. If the potatoes appear too thick still, add more milk 1 TBSP at a time until desired consistency. Salt & Pepper the mash and enjoy!



– Using a hand-held masher keeps the homemade texture in the mash but if you prefer them more creamy I suggest using a mixer

– This same recipe applies to regular baking potatoes as well – I just love the sweet potatoes a lot :)

– For me, the butter always melts on its own once the potatoes are added to the bowl but if you think your butter may be too hard try dicing it into pieces first


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