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Repurposed Storage Bins

Dear Diary,


With Summer coming to a close, my trips to the local farmer’s market are ending as well. :(  I wish there was a place, other than the grocery stores, to get fresh veggies all year long. I am going to miss having the apples that could last months without going bad and the tomatoes that are eaten so quickly I have to make multiple trips per week to the market to get more. It’s times like these that for a moment, however brief, I contemplate living on the West Coast where it’s sunny and beautiful year-round. In the end, though, the heart says New England is home and I know that no other place will feel the same.


Going back to my initial thought, there is one thing about farmer’s markets that actually does last year round. The cute little bin/containers that the veggies are plopped into! I had accumulated quite a few of them this year and KNEW I could find a way to use them, rather than throwing them out. They are the perfect size for many of my craft supplies so I went ahead and stored some of my thread in them. Check it out! :)





The coolest part about the particular bins I have is that they have these small slits on the bottom. With that, I was able to hang the bins up onto my peg board with hooks! More ideas for what to store in these could be things such as nail polish, stickers, tags, CANDY, yarn scraps – the possibilities are endless. ;)

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