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My Little Pony Popcorn!

Dear Diary,


Remember my “My Little Pony” cones from the other week!? Well, I filled them today! I think they came out extremely well and taste amazing, if I do say so myself ;). I can’t wait to show up at my sister’s party with these tomorrow morning. She’s already “assigned” us each a horse. I get to be AppleJack..I hope that’s a good thing. :P


DSC_2019 DSC_2020



I used a caramel popcorn recipe that I love and is super easy (Plus not so unhealthy!) found here. The popcorn always comes out tasting amazing with this and the price of the ingredients aren’t too bad. I always have all of the items needed in my kitchen anyways!

After making the popcorn I then just added in some rainbow sprinkles at the end and scooped a large spoonful amount into each cone, lined with clear treat bags to eliminate any mess! :)


I sprinkled in the rainbows RIGHT after I took the pan out of the oven with the caramel popcorn and stirred. It’s much easier while the caramel is still in its melted form! I also sprinkled a little extra sprinklage once the popcorn was in the cone. :)

If your treat bag isn’t staying in your cone you can try using double sided tape to secure it OR if there is a small opening at the bottom of the cone, pull a little of the treat bag through the bottom – just enough to make it more secure!


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