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My Little Pony DIY jewelry!

Dear Diary,


I wanted to make some type of jewelry for my sister as a present since she LOVES that kind of stuff (who doesn’t?! :P ). All I really had around was my paper as of lately so paper jewelry it is! I was able to make her a necklace AND a bracelet with just what was lying around my house. :)  I used a .png file of the ponies that I had found here and turned it into a repeatable sheet that I could print and work with! Here is the sheet I came up with:


And here is the necklace + bracelet with the “laminated” ponies!

cutout1 cutout5

To make these you only need a large (clear) tape, hole punch, necklace/bracelet OR string!, and of course the printer and paper. My tape and hole punch look like this:



The steps are easy  —

1. Print

2. Cut ponies out, leaving some white areas around the edges so that the work isn’t so tedious!

3. Cut off long enough strip of tape to fold over the front and back of the pony

4. Cut excess tape from edges of pony – thus leaving pony nice and laminated! Try not to cut TOO short as this can cause tape to peel off in the long run!

5. Attach to jewelry using jump rings, string, etc.!

Here’s a couple of images of my process:


(All cut out and ready!)


(Tape folded and smoothened around!)


(Excess tape is cut)


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