Craft Diaries


Dear Diary,


My awesome boyfriend’s birthday was today! I have been so caught up in decorating and baking that I forgot to write to you the past week. :) Look at what I made for his “mustache” theme party!



I used some empty jars that we had from almond butter/salsa and fixed them up as cups for our tea!  The labels were super easy to make and place on the jars. Here’s the templates I made. Each printed sheet makes two labels for medium – large sized jars. Just click to enlarge and print or save. I removed the name from them of course so that they may be used for anyone! :)

MustacheBday1 MustacheBday2 MustachePaper


(Just in case anyone’s printer is out of black ink, I made a non-black version too ;) )

Oh yeah, I also made these for him! He LOVED them very much! I’m still practicing when it comes to decorating cookies but man is it FUN!


There’s actually a lot of cookies underneath that have monocles. Funny stuff. ;)


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