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Multiple Batch Breakfast Sandwiches

Dear Diary,


I have come to realize recently that eating the same exact thing every day for months at a time can lead to that item having a lack of taste (not to mention no desire to even eat it!). I know it’s a healthy food and all and I had been feeling better since switching to it but now I absolutely hate it (I’m talking about oatmeal – even the word makes me cringe now). What I needed was to switch up my breakfast every now and then. The only breakfast item I am actually a fan of is those of the “sandwich” variety. Unfortunately, I am way too tired and decaffeinated¬†to get cooking anything up in the morning.


That’s why I decided to make my breakfast in advance! The hardest part was going to be the eggs. When I scramble them they are always messy and splitting them into the proper portions for calorie counting reasons was going to be a real pain. Instead of making them my usual way in a frying pan, I decided to save myself the headache and crack them into a muffin pan and pop them into the oven until they looked finished! I am very happy with the results, needless to say! These are very customizable to whatever you enjoy. :)


What you need:

– Muffin Pan

– Cooking Spray

– 2 Pieces of bacon per sandwich

– 1 Egg per sandwich

– 1 Slice cheese per sandwich

– Amount of english muffins desired for breakfasts


First, preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray your muffin pan thoroughly with cooking spray. This will help a lot later on with lifting the eggs out.




Next, crack open the eggs into the muffin slots. Add salt & pepper if desired. Place into oven and begin to bake for 20 minutes.




While the eggs are baking, cook the bacon using your preferred method. Pat dry if greasy and cut each slice of bacon in half. (This helps with making sure the bacon actually fits on your sandwich!)




Once the eggs are finished baking, cut the english muffins in half and place an egg onto each bottom half. The eggs should be easily lifted from the pan using a fork.




Top with the cheese slice and bacon (in any order you like) and press the top half of the muffin down so that the egg spreads a bit.




Place sandwich in a freezer bag and freeze for enjoyment later! ( Add calories and whatnot if you’d like).





Р Try using sausage patties and other items on your sandwiches for more variety

– If the sandwiches are going to be enjoyed immediately, toast the two halves of the english muffins so that the cheese has a better chance of melting when all is pressed together

– Let the egg cool just a little before placing any cheese on if freezing – the cheese could melt otherwise and stick to the freezer bag!

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