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Leftover Holiday Candy

Dear Diary,


This past Halloween was so barren of trick-or-treaters. I’m not sure if the kids are doing it less or its just my area but it left me with a ton of candy to eat! Seeing as its almost Thanksgiving (in a couple days already!), I needed to find a way to consume this candy without getting sick or stuffing myself in general. I couldn’t bare to throw it out – that’s just too wasteful! ;) I decided that when in doubt: cookies. So cookies it was! I used my go-to gluten free cookies recipe previous posted here for the cookies.


Here’s how easy this is to accomplish:

1. Chop up any chocolates/candies you’d like to have eaten (preferably no hard candy..I’m thinking that won’t bode well here)

2. Roll out and cut cookies & place them onto the baking sheet

3. Press chopped up candies into the cookies in any variety you wish

4. Bake the cookies as needed for the cookie recipe



– Snickers work well here – as do chewy caramels

– Try using a cookie dough that is peanut butter flavored and perhaps chopped butterfingers

– Avoid use of hard candy




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