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How to Soften Acrylic Yarn Projects

Dear Diary,


It’s so frustrating sometimes when I get yarn on sale and then realize later on that it’s completely acrylic and completely un-feltable. Every now and then I like to knit/crochet projects that are more “soft” and dare I say “cuddly”! ┬áSince the most affordable yarn is oft times not of the felting variety, I have my own way of achieving a desirable texture to my projects. This works wonderfully on items such as stuffed animals, slippers, coasters, gloves, etc. :) All you need is a bristly brush such as an affordable dog brush from your local pet store. My particular brush is from Petco.


Tad-a! Bristly Bristle-ness!




Now all you need to do is lay your project flat (or on your lap if it’s easier) and gently make quick strokes across the item – going in one direction at a time. In my case, I am softening a coaster I crocheted.




It may take a few minutes to really work up the fluff but keep at it until it’s as fluffy as your heart desires! Be sure to hold your project firmly and not brush so hard that it destroys anything. Quick strokes are better than massive pressure!


Here is my before and after of my coaster:










Enjoy and have fun experimenting! ;)

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