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Hold the Yarn!

Dear Diary,


It rained for my entire Labor Day weekend. So much for ending the Summer with a BBQ while sitting outside on the patio. :( My Summer zoomed past this year, faster than any of the previous years somehow. On the plus side, Dunkin’ has their pumpkin flavors back and I have been knitting since I’m stuck inside with my yummy coffee. Not too shabby I guess. ;)


Speaking of knitting, I cannot stand it when the yarn ball I’m working with rolls away. A rolling or dropped yarn ball, in my house, means be ready for whatever I’m knitting to be covered in dog or cat fur (probably both at once). Eventually I had enough of this, as you can imagine. Picking out little fur/hairs is not my idea of finishing a project! I have always wanted one of those pretty bowls that hold yarn but just never had the money to buy one. Being forever on the lookout for ways to reuse/recycle, I found something to make life a little easier at no additional cost to me. Behold my yarn dispenser!




This is incredibly easy to make if you have a fairly large plastic container with a lid on-hand. A jar should work too if the lid can be drilled without breaking(plastic or mason jar metal works best). All you need is your container and a drill! Just make a hole in the center of the lid, large enough to feed yarn through, and place your yarn inside the container while knitting! I’ve actually made something like this in the past but during a move I lost my container – I had used an empty animal cracker container (those things are HUGE!).

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