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Dear Diary,


With all of the knitting and crocheting I have been up to, I am getting confused on what projects to start and which still need to end. At first, I had them written down on one of my infamous scrap papers that are scattered all over my desk. Now, however, I have no idea which papers I was currently making my recordings on. It’s a mess to say the least. That’s why I need to make a knitting journal to keep better track of everything! I couldn’t find much online for what I need in terms of organizing my projects so I created my own pages over the past weekend. I’ll be punching holes into the pages and placing them into a nice binder to be with my knitting patterns binder. I am also going to put some blank pieces of paper in there for my design ideas and my primal row counting tally marks. :P Feel free to print and use these for your own organization! :) I’ll hopefully add more pages later but it’s a start, right?


For starting new things and checking up on old ones:



Pretty much the to-do lists:






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