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Free DIY Dog Treat Jar Printable

Dear Diary,


I have been in one of those DIY moods lately (well, more than usual). I pretty much spent most of last night and today going around the house and taking note of everything I can improve upon. This might sound boring but honestly I was kept very busy and entertained. :P One of the minor improvements I made was with my dogs treats. They were always in this bag that they were bought in and sitting on top of the microwave. It started to feel like such and eyesore whenever I walked into the kitchen. Well, not anymore! :)

treatjar1 treatjar2 treatjar3


I love how something so basic and easy can make a huge difference. And now, for the freebie bones template! These bones are the exact size of the ones I used for my jar. :) Just cut and tape/paste onto a jar of your choice! I even added a second bone on the top for added cuteness. :) Time to have fun and get creative!


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