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Free Cupcake Topper Printable

Dear Diary,


It was raining so badly yesterday! Since I couldn’t possibly go out (except to Dunkin Donuts of course!), I decided to make some cute basic cupcake toppers for Birthdays! I have honestly only used cupcake toppers once but that’s because they are Halloween themed and I hardly think that’s a good idea for all of these May birthdays in my family. I do , however, hope to start using them more often since they really do make the cupcakes look even MORE appealing than they already are.


I made a pink and blue version so that, hopefully, everyone can be covered. ;) These are sized for a standard paper size of 8.5×11 inches. Just print, cut, and place onto a toothpick(or other instrument) and make those cupcakes beautiful! Each of the 12 tags on the sheets are slightly different if you look closely – I thought this would be cool to mix things up a bit. :)


P.S. – These could also EASILY double as gift tags. Just print, cut, and punch a hole for string. Or just tape them! :)

Tags_Blue Tags_Pink

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