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Fingerless Eyelet Gloves Knitting Pattern

Dear Diary,


I have been keeping quite busy with all of this knitting lately. The cold weather is reminding me of how fast Christmas comes and how many people I usually gift! Needless to say, I have been making lots of projects and plan to make lots more. As a side-type-thingy this past week, I decided to make my own pattern for gloves. I just didn’t feel like I was really interested in a lot of the patterns I was finding and I was in an eyelet making type of mood. You totally know how that feels, right? ;) I love that my pattern is more tight-fitting and all snuggly when worn. A lot of patterns I’ve tried in the past fit more loosely for some reason. I still can’t decide whether to felt or not but I’ll save that for another day! Here is what I came up with – it can also be found on Ravelry.





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