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Dog Bandana Tutorial and Template

Dear Diary,


Since the cold weather is setting in, my furkids are starting to get cold. That means it’s time to place the ever-so-adorable clothes they have on them again! I need to knit a couple sweaters for them this year since it was a goal of mine last year that I never seemed to get to achieving. Another goal was to make some of my adorable bandanas for them – one for each season/holiday! My previous bandanas were made from random fabrics and lacked any holiday spirit. Luckily, though, A.C. Moore has fat quarters of fabric – complete with awesome holiday designs – for only $1! Once I spotted those, I knew it was about to get crafty up in here! My usual pattern/way of making the bandanas is very easy and looks great. I love slipping the collar through or a pretty ribbon. I much prefer this way over tying the bandana itself. Here’s the printable template I created and use on the bandanas for my Boston Terriers (Fits over a small collar).:



Here is my easy go-to process (with pictures):


Step 1) Cut out the pattern




Step 2) Lay pattern onto fabric




Step 3) Cut out fabric using pattern as a stencil




Step 4) Fold sides under and pin them in place [These are the extended flaps that were to either side on the pattern piece]




Step 5) Sew the sides in place. I use the zigzag stitch on the machine and sew right along the edges so that they are clamped down and look more neat – no fray this way! Trying using contrasting colors for thread too – it’s more fun that way. :)




Step 6) After the sides are sewn, fold the top portion [the rectangle and dotted line area from the pattern] in half and sew the horizontal length completely. Do NOT sew up the sides – you need those ends open to slip in the collar or ribbon! Your results should look like this:




Here is the finished look from the more presentable side of the bandana:




Last but NOT least, my model (Leela):






Have fun with this and make lots for each occasion! :) I was able to make four bandanas from a fat quarter using my template. That’s four bandanas for $1! Woot!

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