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DIY Sign Decor & Free Alphabet Printable

Dear Diary,


I LOVE my Boston Terrier girls! The funny thing, is that I had never even considered having this breed until my mother adopted one. I think I always wanted a Great Dane for most of my life all because of Scooby-Doo. :P I have just never met any breed more loving and free spirited as a Boston ( of course all dogs are awesome no matter what breed :) ). Here are my two babies!


I have always seen those cute sayings/stickers where people show off their pride in the breed of dog they have. I am not much for putting stickers on my car, also I’m afraid someone might steal a magnet, so I set out for a house decoration instead! I have plenty of scrap wood lying around from where we removed a wheelchair ramp when we moved into our house years ago. It was old, broken, and just “scraps”. That is, until I decided to get crafty with it. ;) It was actually surprisingly easy to fix this sign up into a home-worthy decoration! All I needed was some paint, brackets, and free time (the free time is the hardest nowadays!). Here is my creation!



I searched for a while on Pinterest and Google Images for a large printable alphabet image that was free. I found NOTHING for some reason. At least, nothing that I was looking for. I needed big, bold, and traceable. So I whipped up my own very quickly and just used a basic Arial font. The letters you see on my sign are the EXACT letters of the printable I’m sharing. I cut them out, traced them, and painted within the lines! The awesome part is that it fits on the standard 8.5×11 paper. Easy! :)

*Print onto a thicker paper if you want more durable stencils from these letters! I used regular printer paper but found it could be flimsy if you are not careful!*


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