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DIY Shabby Frame Tutorial

Dear Diary,


In my ever-lasting quest to finally start decorating my house, I decided to improve on some things I currently own. I am trying to go for that “shabby chic” style that I seem to see everywhere now but I am definitely picky when it comes to what I consider fits my theme! First, I tried looking online to find items but WOW! “Shabby” items are so expensive from most stores(even eBay was outrageous). So that’s why I took a look around to see what I currently own and how I may change it up a bit for a new look. I started with one of the most plain and generic items of decor that I have – my photo frames!

What you need:

– Plain frame

– Small amount of paint

– Small paintbrush

– *Optional* Scrap fabric or t-shirt and a glue gun




Behold! My basic (likely a dollar store find) frame! This is definitely in need of a makeover pronto! I am going to transform this into a weathered wood look without hardly and effort or cost. The method is very easy and customizable depending on the amount of shabbiness you prefer. :)




Using a small paintbrush and color of paint of your choice, dab the brush very lightly into the paint. You do not want hardly any paint on the brush except for a little on the ends! This ensures the frame will not be fully covered (the desired effect).




Paint your frame with long strokes in one direction for each side. Add more paint to the brush when it becomes too dry and continue until the frame looks weathered enough for you. In the end, the frame should look like it used to be the color of the paint and has faded/worn down. :)




For an added variation to your frame, roll up a strip of scrap fabric or t-shirt into a small rose and use a glue gun to secure the end of the roll to the body.



Try making roses in varying sizes (and colors!) and use the glue gun to secure them onto the frame anywhere you see fit! I placed mine into one of the corners, using the larger rose as a barrier between the two smaller. :)



A close-up of my roses.




Another frame I transformed! The one on the left was actually one of the plain wooden ones from Michaels.

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