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DIY Recipe Ring

Dear Diary,


It seems like even though we get more digital as the years go by, I am still preferring everything that others would consider too primitive now. I’ve tried reading books on my iPad and Kindle but for some reason I can’t shake that need for wanting to hold the actual physical book in my hand and smelling the print as I turn the pages. The same goes for my magazines and recipes. Nothing beats having the real thing in your hands! If you are anything like me, you have tons of printouts of recipes, clippings from magazines, or scribbles on scrap papers. It can get pretty difficult when it comes to finding that ONE recipe you know you have SOMEWHERE. That’s why I decided to make things much easier for myself finally. I have a few extra key rings lying around the house from old keychains that broke so instead of throwing them away I wanted to use them. I currently subscribe to the ┬áMartha Stewart Living and Every Day with Rachael Ray magazines, both of whom have recipes and/or recipe cards that are ready to be pulled out! Of course you can write your recipes on notecards and the like as well (just as long as they are all pretty much the same size). The great thing is that I can hang my recipes up on a hook in my kitchen – away from water damage, crinkling, getting lost, etc.

All you need is:

– Recipe Cards

– Hole Puncher

– Key Ring





This is a super easy project that saves time later! ;) As a tip, be sure to make the hole punches close enough to the corners of the cards so that they will fit in the key ring you are using. This isn’t something that is usually thought about until after the fact and it’s too late!

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