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Custom Jars

Dear Diary,


I finally had time to make another custom jar today and decided that I’d LOVE to share my process with you. ;)


Materials you will need:

– Glue Gun OR Double Sided Tape

– Cardstock/Scrapbooking Paper (12×12 or 8.5×11 piece)

– Scissors

Paper Punch *OPTIONAL*


These jars are GREAT for adding character and that awesome “home” feeling to the kitchen (or any room for that matter!). Plus, because they are DIY, the possibilities are endless. There are so many options when it comes to customizing these jars. Either way, here’s what I did:


First, I started off with a jar that I had lying around. I think it had some kind of salsa in it previously but as always I am hesitant to throw out a good jar!



Then, I chose a cute piece of scrapbook paper I had on hand. My piece was 12×12 but surely an 8.5×11 piece would be more than enough to work as well!



I then cut the piece of paper to the desired height for my jar. I cut mine so that the paper will fit between the curves of the jar. That way everything will be snug!



Afterwards, I measured the inner circle of the lid. My reason for choosing the inner part is because sometimes I have difficulties taking the lid off and I don’t want to have contact with the pretty paper during my struggles! ;) After I had the measurements, I traced it onto the leftover paper and cut out my circle.



Now it was time to glue the circle onto the lid!



I made sure I put a good amount of glue so that nothing will come off. I also made sure I stuck to the middle more since the glue will spread!



Tada! Well, I am terrible at cutting perfect circles but I think the crookedness adds some charm. ;)



Now for glueing on the main strip! I make a nice line of glue directly onto the jar to start out.



Then I place one edge of the strip onto the glue.



After carefully wrapping the strip around and checking that it has even placement all the way around, I glue the beginning of the strip so that I may overlap.



I cut off any excess paper, as close to the final glueing area that I can get so that things look neat and tidy. This is what I got after all was said and done!



Cute. huh? :) Well, I’m not finished yet! Since I am storing something in this jar, I need to have a label for it. For me, this is always done using my paper punch but any shape would be great on this jar – even a rectangle! I use the plain white cardstock paper that I use for a lot of my other projects for this. I like having a label with some thickness to it since I almost always use sharpie markers for my writing.



I then glue my label on and finish the look of my jar! Yay! At this point, I’ll take my marker and write what the contents will be. If writing on the jar is difficult, then the writing can always be done before the glueing takes place!



Here’s my other jars that I have been using for a while now to hold things. I absolutely love them and I have gotten compliments from visitors on them in the past. :) I am actually surprised at how well the paper has held out with all of the use these jars get!





* Add Ribbon

*Paint the lid

*Add Lace

*Use Varying Sizes of Jars

*Give as gifts!

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