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Crafted Little Ponies

Dear Diary,


In my quest to make my sister’s 6th birthday absolutely awesome, I have created something that I feel will be really fun for her! Since she’s a crafter in-the-making, why not give her a little nudge in that direction? ;)

I have mastered the re-creation of six of the My Little Ponies that are from “Friendship is Magic”! What now, you ask? Print them and make them into craftable dolls!! I am getting my sister of the year award this year, I can FEEL it. ;P Here’s how they turned out ..



I decided to sort all of the pieces into little baggies for her so that she can easily pull them out into piles. Here’s her favorite pony constructed ..



The coolest thing is that all she needs is a glue stick! :D I am anticipating the creations she comes up with already!!


*I did this on cardstock paper so that it’s more durable and resistant to fading. Very awesome. Seriously.

In case you’re interested in making’s the file to print out. Be prepared to have tired hands though from all of the cutting! ;)


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