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Leftover Holiday Candy

Dear Diary,   This past Halloween was so barren of trick-or-treaters. I’m not sure if the kids are doing it less or its just my area but it left me with a ton of candy to eat! Seeing as its almost Thanksgiving (in a couple days already!), I needed to[…]

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How to Soften Acrylic Yarn Projects

Dear Diary,   It’s so frustrating sometimes when I get yarn on sale and then realize later on that it’s completely acrylic and completely un-feltable. Every now and then I like to knit/crochet projects that are more “soft” and dare I say “cuddly”!  Since the most affordable yarn is oft[…]

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Dog Bandana Tutorial and Template

Dear Diary,   Since the cold weather is setting in, my furkids are starting to get cold. That means it’s time to place the ever-so-adorable clothes they have on them again! I need to knit a couple sweaters for them this year since it was a goal of mine last[…]

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Repurposed Storage Bins

Dear Diary,   With Summer coming to a close, my trips to the local farmer’s market are ending as well.  I wish there was a place, other than the grocery stores, to get fresh veggies all year long. I am going to miss having the apples that could last months[…]

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Hold the Yarn!

Dear Diary,   It rained for my entire Labor Day weekend. So much for ending the Summer with a BBQ while sitting outside on the patio. My Summer zoomed past this year, faster than any of the previous years somehow. On the plus side, Dunkin’ has their pumpkin flavors back[…]

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