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Caked in!

Dear Diary,


I was looking for some sort of “fun” packaging to put my sister’s jewelry in that I will be giving her for her birthday. I found a lot of blank templates mostly so I got an idea that I felt would fit this situation perfectly! Why not a cake, designed just for her!



Here’s the template I used – minus the name of course! ;) Fold in the tabs, secure them, and enjoy! I used a glue gun to seal this shut but tape/double sided tape would work perfectly too. I left the tabs uncolored so that they would be easier to find and fold!



On a side note…I found THE MOST AWESOME WRAPPING PAPER EVER at Target yesterday….I “squee’d” when I spotted it. BOSTON TERRIER PAPER!!



That picture does NOT do it justice but you can get the idea of it. It’s bright pink with Bostons ALL OVER IT. :)

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