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Adorable Photo Glitter Tutorial

Dear Diary,


I have been doing so much cleaning of storage and painting this past week that it is FAR from funny at the moment. I am so terribly tired but alas I still have enough energy to do some re-decorating! I was going through a few old photos and doubles I had around the house and thought that there must be something crafty I can do with them. Since my girls (my Boston Terriers) are primarily the main focus of most of the pictures I have, it was inevitable that I was going to do something with one of those! ;) This is what I came up with after a moment of thought:



This was incredibly easy and fast to whip up, not to mention the endless ways to go with a single photo. I, of course, opted for the cute side bow. ;)


All you need is:

– Glue Gun

– Glitter

– Toothpick

– Photo




Using the glue gun, squeeze out glue in the shape of a bow on the area of the photo where the bow is wanted. I pretty much made two rounded triangles for my bow. You only need to do a general outline and light filling inside with the glue. Using the toothpick, flood the glue into the entire area of the intended bow until satisfied and dump glitter on top before the glue hardens. Shake excess glue off (and back into your glitter container if possible) and look at the new masterpiece!


You can likely use a glue stick or other liquid glue for this but I always feel that the glue from the glue gun just holds things much better.

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