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I’m Meg – sometimes known as Meghann or Chell. Welcome to my blog, by the way! This is where I hide come to relax and share my recipes, tutorials, free printables, ideas & more!


My reason for creating a blog like this all started when my boyfriend of 11 years started having some health issues when it came to eating. I used to cook & bake with no regard to healthiness – just living in the moment. While that was really fun, it inevitably caused more problems for my boyfriend’s health. After getting test results back we now know he needs to follow the Dairy-Free Diet due to his issues with casein. I take this situation very seriously and try to make the best out if it for both of us (i.e. not making him eat something that tastes like cardboard just because of the diet restrictions).


I also love crafting and handmade items. That part of this blog is my own little place in addition to the food recipes! I am the designer over at Happily After Designs as well, where I sell my own hand-illustrated embroidery designs, svg cutting files, printable masks & party supplies and more! :)

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