Craft Diaries


Creamy Potato & Spinach Chowder

Dear Diary,   I experimented for dinner last night! I know what you’re thinking, I have already cleaned up the big mess. I really wanted a creamy soup/chowder but I hardly ever have that heavy cream stuff on hand. I knew that I had to have everything I needed on[…]

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Gluten Free Croutons Recipe

  Dear Diary,   Do you ever have this problem where you find yourself craving something you don’t have? It seems like I am always wanting to eat something that just isn’t anywhere to be found in my kitchen! Take, for instance, croutons. I absolutely adore croutons but hardly ever[…]

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Easy Salad With Eggs

Dear Diary,   I find it annoying how the pre-made salads are so expensive. Especially considering the contents are likely not even close to being organic. Sometimes it just feels good to know what food you are consuming, you know? I decided it was about time I start crafting up[…]

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How to Soften Acrylic Yarn Projects

Dear Diary,   It’s so frustrating sometimes when I get yarn on sale and then realize later on that it’s completely acrylic and completely un-feltable. Every now and then I like to knit/crochet projects that are more “soft” and dare I say “cuddly”!  Since the most affordable yarn is oft[…]

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