Craft Diaries


Gluten Free Cutout Cookies

Dear Diary,   Over the past few weeks I have been cooking/baking everything gluten free for my boyfriend. He was having some minor issues and it seems like getting rid of gluten has really helped him feel much better. While this is good for the fact that we know what[…]

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Free Printable Halloween Masks

Dear Diary,   Halloween is coming. I don’t mean it how the whole “Winter is Coming” spiel goes and then winter still never comes. I mean it’s REALLY coming..and soon! I have to get caught up on my decorating and party planning. Halloween is hands-down my favorite holiday and I[…]

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Easy Vegetable Slow-Cook

Dear Diary,   It’s funny how when we were younger that the best thing about summer was the vacation from school. I don’t miss the school part at all but I do miss being able to enjoy the little things sometimes. Now schools are back in and the cold weather[…]

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