Craft Diaries


Easy Knit Cowl Pattern

Dear Diary,   I’ve been getting back into my knitting and crochet a lot lately. It’s strange but I think I am more into it once summer starts to end and I begin to picture how cold the winter will be. With it almost being September now, I am constantly[…]

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Sweet Potato Mash Recipe

  Dear Diary,   This year has felt pretty chilly in the Summer here in New England. I remember being very roasty last year well into September! I went to the drive-in movies last night as an effort to make sure I thoroughly enjoyed my Summer but as the second[…]

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Banana, Zucchini & Oats Muffins Recipe

Dear Diary,   I had an amazing time at our local state park today. There was so much walking and climbing involved – the dogs even got a chance to swim a bit! Here’s a picture of my furkids from today:   It really makes you feel more alive when[…]

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DIY Recipe Ring

Dear Diary,   It seems like even though we get more digital as the years go by, I am still preferring everything that others would consider too primitive now. I’ve tried reading books on my iPad and Kindle but for some reason I can’t shake that need for wanting to[…]

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Adorable Photo Glitter Tutorial

Dear Diary,   I have been doing so much cleaning of storage and painting this past week that it is FAR from funny at the moment. I am so terribly tired but alas I still have enough energy to do some re-decorating! I was going through a few old photos[…]

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