Craft Diaries


Feta Pita Pizza

Dear Diary,   I always seem to have problems figuring out what to eat once lunch time rolls around. I even check to see what my boyfriend would like but I always get the same responses, “I don’t care” or “Not sure – what do YOU want??”. After foraging around[…]

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Feta Penne

Dear Diary,   If you didn’t already know, I LOVE to cook! I rarely ever order food outside of the house because I find enjoyment when it comes to making my own food, here at home. My kitchen might as well be called my craft room or lab since I’m[…]

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Mario Ghost Printable

Dear Diary,   I designed a handful of Mario Ghost papers this morning for my shop on Etsy and since I was still in the zone for that theme, I decided to make some free cupcake topper printables! For now, I created them with the color blue for the background[…]

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Custom Jars

Dear Diary,   I finally had time to make another custom jar today and decided that I’d LOVE to share my process with you.   Materials you will need: – Glue Gun OR Double Sided Tape – Cardstock/Scrapbooking Paper (12×12 or 8.5×11 piece) – Scissors – Paper Punch *OPTIONAL*  […]

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Free Cupcake Topper Printable

Dear Diary,   It was raining so badly yesterday! Since I couldn’t possibly go out (except to Dunkin Donuts of course!), I decided to make some cute basic cupcake toppers for Birthdays! I have honestly only used cupcake toppers once but that’s because they are Halloween themed and I hardly[…]

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